The Importance of Appreciation by Lau...

I’m so excited to share the new announcement about our new NLL Basic Membership conference calls. Every Thursday we are going to spot light one of our VIP Members questions or subjects that they are specifically inquiring about. This will give us at NLL an incredible chance to introduce you to some very important members of Next Level Leader [...]

New Weekly Spotlight

  Hello Everyone, We are so excited to announce our New Weekly Spotlight This week we are so thrilled to introduce you to an AMAZING woman:   Dr. Andrea Jeffress This woman has been an incredible part of NLL since our first day in our pre-launch! We are so grateful to have her a part of our NLL Family! Please enjoy!!!   ht [...]

Bust Through The Comfort Zone by Chad...

    I have found that success in life is very similar to building muscle in the gym. If you are only doing what you are comfortable with or can do easily, you never will grow and you will never expand to reach your full potential. Growth only occurs in life when you are pushing yourself to do something new. This could mean learning [...]

NLL 030: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Chad Schap...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to R.E.S.P.E.C.T     How to treat people with RESPECT!  This podcast is dedicated to showing the love and respect that individuals in our lives need. On the topic of respect I have nothing but that for Lead Trainer Laurie Rubidge!  Make sure to check her past posts and wow what a training we had for those on the VIP [...]

Be Happy by Laurie Rubidge

  “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley I was inspired this week by this quote and how truly powerful it is. Before I get into this week’s blog, I want to encourage you to look into joining our NLL memberships. My [...]

NLL 029: NLL Memberships by Laurie Ru...

    Listen to NLL Memberships by Laurie Rubidge   I felt so moved to share about the NLL Memberships this week when I heard one of the coffee calls from my amazing partner Chad Schapiro on our “Basic Membership package” and thought….”the world needs to hear this”. I hope you will join us soon and [...]

Fighting Through Failure by Chad Scha...

  I’m sure you may be wondering why in a blog that focuses on taking leadership to the next level are we talking about failure.  I have found that there are two main times that people get tripped up on their leadership journey. 1. When things are flying high and you are on top of the world. 2. By far the more common one for most w [...]

NLL 028: Watch What People Do Not Wha...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to Watch What People Do Not What They Say.   When I first entered into leadership I was amazed how many people would talk such a great game about all of the things they looked forward to doing.  It would get me really excited and then massively dissappointed when those words would have no follow through.  Finally I was ta [...]

Color Outside the Lines by Laurie Rub...

Color Outside the Lines with Laurie Rubidge I can’t wait to cover this fun subject but before I do, I really hope all of you are staying current with my amazing partner Mr. Chad Schapiro’s blogs and podcasts. Each one is such an “aha” for me and I am so grateful to be in business with someone who is truly changing the world for the better! O [...]

NLL 027: Be Careful to Not Get ̶...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to Be careful not to get “Distracted”   It’s funny how easy it is to be distracted when someone shows us something “new”…..but it is so important to keep on task of what we have set out to do…I hope these steps can help to do just that! If you haven’t had the opportunity to [...]