Don’t Just Dream by Chad Schapi...
    The purpose of Next Level Leadership is to help leaders lead.  Not just in business, or the non-profit sector, but for those of us that may lead in any area of life.  Perhaps raising a family, teaching kids in school, a management role at work, or any other situation in which we may have some level of influence.  One of the key [...]

NLL 013: Drill That Target! with host...

NLL Podcast
     Listen to Drill That Target with host Chad Schapiro!   We’ve all heard of the jack of all trades master of none!  Well…that is such a crucial concept when leading forward.  We need to bring every resource possible, the time, money, energy, etc…towards the vision at hand.  As leaders the more focused we [...]

Take every shot you can by Laurie Rub...

Take Every Shot You Can Get
      Laurie Rubidge here, I want to first of all thank-you for taking the time out of your day to read and I pray this can inspire you to have a better week. I learned a long time ago about taking chances in life and I see many people who choose not to and play life “safe”.   I get that at certain times in [...]

NLL 012: If We Continue To Do What We...

nll if we continue
        Listen to If We Continue To Do What We Have Always Done     Isn’t it interesting that the majority of the things in our life we could take and make better but sometimes we dont? During this weeks podcast Laurie Rubidge talks about finding different ways to do just that. I hope you enjoy!   Cl [...]

Going The Distance by Chad Schapiro

  You can learn a lot about life by hiking in the mountains. Many years ago I hiked the Hanging Lake trail in the rugged Hanging Lake wilderness area in Colorado. Hanging lake is a small lake that sits between two high mountain peaks at about 9000 feet. The path begins as an easy, relatively flat stroll through a beautiful pine forest. [...]

NLL 011: The Leading Leaders Cycle wi...

NLL Podcast
                Listen to The Leading Leaders Cycle.   Whatever we were put in place to lead involves other people. That goes without saying typically because the leader with no people going after a vision or purpose is by themselves and not a leader at that point. The key is that when we do sta [...]

Believe by Laurie Rubidge

      Hello Everyone, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this weeks blog.  This is one of my favorite subjects! What are the differences of someone who creates success over and over and someone who doesn’t?   In my 26 years of being an entrepreneur, I have seen this time and time again. The person who [...]

NLL 010: Stop… Think ….An...

  Listen to Stop… Think ….And Then Go     Hello Everyone, Laurie Rubidge here, I am so excited to share this weeks podcast. Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t had the opportunity to read this weeks blog post by Mr. Chad Schapiro please please please do so. So fantastic! Really powerful and such great st [...]

Get Your Head In The Game by Chad Sch...

head in the game
    Many people around the world love the game of golf. To be honest with you I still have a hard time taking that many hours out of my day to drive around hitting a little ball in a hole. That’s the beauty for many taking a mini break from reality and compete often with others but primarily within themselves. I have been for [...]

NLL 009: We Underestimate Where We Co...

NLL Podcast
    Listen to We Underestimate Where We Could Be In 10 Years   One of the life changing lessons I learned on this journey is that most overestimate where they will be in one year but underestimate where they could be in ten!  Whether it’s moving in to a new house, working out at the gym, or starting an organization we o [...]