Beat Your Old Self by Chad Schapiro

Beat Your Old Self
    Life is changing faster than ever. People’s careers are not the same as they were decades ago when we could just sit back working for a company for some 40 years and rely on a pension to pay for our “golden years”. Even with the employment figures being better than they have been for years many don’t rea [...]

NLL 016: 5 Tricks To Boost Your Motiv...

NLL Podcast
    Listen to 5 Tricks To Boost Your Motivation Immediately     Most of our motivation will come from consistent focus on our long term character. However, research does show that there are some short term things we can start doing right now that can increase it immediately. In this episode Chad Schapiro goes through 5 t [...]

5 Steps to Staying Positive by Laurie...

keep calm and stay positive
Hey Everyone, Laurie Rubidge here, I am very excited to share with you this subject, especially because it deals with something I will be sharing on this mornings coffee call about staying positive. I learned over 26 years ago about the importance of staying positive, but no matter who we are ….different situations can push us really h [...]

5 Steps to Blast Off by Chad Schapiro

    Ready for BLAST OFF??  You are in position to make a global change and it all starts with working on you.   As we grow we can then help another.  Much of our time will be spent trying to get this thing to lift off but once we are flying high imagine the view!  This blog post has 5 key points that will help you personally blas [...]

NLL Podcast 015: 7 Keys For A Strong ...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to 7 Keys For a Strong Vision For Change     Leading change starts with a compelling leadership vision for change. Leaders at all levels need to inspire people to change in order to overcome significant challenges and achieve important goals. In today’s show Chad Schapiro will cover 7 keys for a strong vision f [...]

Please Don’t Settle by Laurie R...

dont settle
After 48 years of being on this earth, I am more and more grateful each and everyday that I had people come into my life at such an early age to teach me the importance of never settling for less than what we should. Before I jump into the subject I want to thank Chad Schapiro for all that he is doing day in and day out to create NLL and cha [...]

NLL Podcast 014: Don’t sweat th...

Listen to Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.     Oh my gosh! We have all heard that, right? but isn’t it true? How many of us have been guilty of losing sleep over things that never even happened….Oh my, me too….I hope this podcast can help remind us of the importance of not sweating the small stuff. I hope you [...]

Don’t Just Dream by Chad Schapi...
    The purpose of Next Level Leadership is to help leaders lead.  Not just in business, or the non-profit sector, but for those of us that may lead in any area of life.  Perhaps raising a family, teaching kids in school, a management role at work, or any other situation in which we may have some level of influence.  One of the key [...]

NLL 013: Drill That Target! with host...

NLL Podcast
     Listen to Drill That Target with host Chad Schapiro!   We’ve all heard of the jack of all trades master of none!  Well…that is such a crucial concept when leading forward.  We need to bring every resource possible, the time, money, energy, etc…towards the vision at hand.  As leaders the more focused we [...]

Take every shot you can by Laurie Rub...

Take Every Shot You Can Get
      Laurie Rubidge here, I want to first of all thank-you for taking the time out of your day to read and I pray this can inspire you to have a better week. I learned a long time ago about taking chances in life and I see many people who choose not to and play life “safe”.   I get that at certain times in [...]