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Just a quick message of Thanks to You All! (**Please also excuse the wind, it would not slow down all day and we wanted to make sure you received today) Thank-you!!!!

Grow To Lead Video by Chad Schapiro


The Importance of Staying Positive by...

Today, I want to write about the power of keeping strong when the world is trying to get us to be negative and weak. This is one of the most important characteristics you can have as a successful individual. The reason I have such absolute faith, appreciation and respect in and of my partner Chad Schapiro, is because he is such a living exam [...]

Adaptability By Chad Schapiro

Adaptability by Chad Schapiro
  One big skill in leadership is adaptability. We have to be able to connect with people from all different backgrounds to help further the vision you’re leading forward. Just like the picture above of the water hose, we need to be able to adapt to what we are trying to connect with in order to hit our goals. If the right hose is attach [...]

Loving what we do? By Laurie Rubidge

I recently texted a friend of how excited I was to just “get to work”….She wrote back, “so glad you love what you do then”….and I wrote back, “Yes…indeed I do!” Now, let me explain, I have been so blessed to be so busy with new growth of so many different entities I am honored to be a par [...]

New Video From NLL International Even...

We were so excited and honored to have a week with some of our top NLL Leadership on international waters. Chad and I had the blessing to film some of the VIP training this month from the most beautiful views in Cozumel. We grabbed a quick video here that we wanted to share below. I have mentioned this before but I am really not sure how my [...]

Dreams vs. Actions by Chad Schapiro

Dreams vs. Actions by Chad Schapiro
  I love things simple and equations often are easy for me to remember and then to implement.  I heard this one years ago. “Your short-term actions multiplied by time equals your long-term accomplishments.” If you want to see change in your life and see big results, the first thing you must do is change your current actions. Otherwise t [...]

Always Learning by Laurie Rubidge

Hello Everyone, I am so grateful to share this weeks blog. I am turning 50 in the next 8 months and I realize that I am more excited to learn and grow now at ( almost ) 50 😉 then I was at 22 when I started my business. One of the biggest blessings of over 27 years of being an entrepreneur I have had, is having a chance to learn and work each [...]

Tip Of The Iceberg by Chad Schapiro

Tip Of The Iceberg by Chad Schapiro
  Picture the iceberg. Part of it is above the surface and part below. Much of what gives you stability above the surface is the actual stability of what’s below the surface. To be successful on the outside we must look at what’s inside. We can’t just “act” our way to success but have to deal with what̵ [...]

The Value of NLL Memberships and Pre ...

As I revisit my notes from this last weeks NLL VIP Training, I get so inspired. Chad did this leadership test that made all of us STOP and THINK about what areas of life we need to improve the most in. It was so fantastic and made me realize how important it is to continue to grow no matter how old we are. I am really not sure how my life wo [...]