NLL 009: We Underestimate Where We Co...

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    Listen to We Underestimate Where We Could Be In 10 Years   One of the life changing lessons I learned on this journey is that most overestimate where they will be in one year but underestimate where they could be in ten!  Whether it’s moving in to a new house, working out at the gym, or starting an organization we o [...]

You Need To Get Back Up Video with La...

  Hi All, Laurie Rubidge here, so grateful to have the opportunity to share this short video. This is a message close to my heart and following up on a subject I have been hitting on this last week. I am grateful for the inspiration of this particular subject for the last 38 years of my life and grateful for people like Mr. Chad Schapiro [...]

NLL 008: No Matter How Hard You’...

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    Listen to No Matter How Hard You’re Hit By Life, You Need To Get Up     Hello Everyone,   Laurie Rubidge here, before I share this Podcast, I hope you have had the opportunity to hear the latest Podcast with Mr. Chad Schapiro. So fantastic! I am so grateful to get the opportunity to work with him day in a [...]

Do You T.R.U.S.T. by Chad Schapiro

    Many around the world are starting to realize that leadership is not about what can be done for the leader but rather what the leader can do for others.  We often hear the term “servant leadership” in which I often wonder what other kind of leadership is there? When our heart is in the right place and we are truly s [...]

NLL 007: The Tug of War of Our Mind a...

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  Listen to The Tug of War of Our Mind and Actions     There is a tug of war we face in our busy lives. Not the original tug of war that we are use to playing with a rope and trying to pull one side of people across the line but rather a tug of war in the mind and our actions. We have to commit to doing more of certain things [...]

The Importance of Having a “We ...

    Hello Everyone, Laurie Rubidge here,   I am so excited about this blog post and it actually is going to be my subject for my next few posts, there is so much on this subject I want to share and this one is VERY personal to me.   But before I do, I have to do a shout out to my amazing partner Chad Schapiro. One of his [...]

NLL 006: The Importance of Understand...

  Listen to The Importance of Understanding We Are All Different      Laurie Rubidge covers a subject that was such an “ahaa” subject for her when she learned this many years ago. Many of us have ran into situations where we meet someone and it just doesn’t click, as a matter of fact sometimes we can think&# [...]

No Pain, No Gain. Video with Chad Sch...

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  First off I have to thank Laurie Rubidge for doing such an amazing blog post last Friday!! The importance of breaking down our goals into smaller steps is life changing. Often we’ve been taught these things but we don’t really always do them…or at least I don’t! We need to be reminded and I know I am so thankful [...]

Celebrate Success! 4 Steps To Help Yo...

celebrate success
    Many of us have had many goals in our lives; yet sometimes we forget to take a moment to celebrate the accomplishment or the steps along the way to accomplishing the goal.   Here’s some important reminders as we head down that journey. We need to remember change happens one step at a time and every movement towards that go [...]

NLL Podcast 005: Power In Commitment&...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to the Power In Commitment…Until Death Do Us Part.       Chad Schapiro covers a topic that is personal and up close after the passing of his Grandfather-in-law.  Learn how the power in commitment, not quitting, and sticking with it is not only important in our leadership development but also our home life as [...]