You become who you hang around by Lau...

laurie cruise 2016-laurie

I was recently inspired to share about a very powerful lesson I learned years ago. I hope you enjoy! Have a blessed week everyone!

Follow Well Video by Chad Schapiro

Follow Well Video by Chad Schapiro

    In this week’s blog post we are going to talk about a leadership principle many of us have heard of but still struggle with every day and that’s following well. We’ve often been taught the best leaders are the best followers. Why is that? I think it’s because following well helps us learn […]

Every day’s a new start…f...


Grateful beyond words for this last week. What an amazing experience with Mr. Chad Schapiro, his beautiful wife Erica, the fabulous couple…Mr. Marwan and Ms. Pene Powell and so many incredible leaders from Next Level Leadership sailing the gorgeous seas to the Bahamas!!! This video was a “had to” video when I woke up one […]

NLL Cruising Video 2016


We hope you can join us next time! Please don’t forget about our “LEAP” videos series “pre-release” pricing for a very limited time. Have a blessed week everyone!

Can All Things Work Out For Our Good?...

Can All Things Work Out For Our Good? Video by Chad Schapiro

Can all things really end up working out for our good? What are some of the keys to growing through life’s challenges to be a blessing to others through our leadership and lives?  My amazing partner Laurie Rubidge has been turning things around for the good what seems like her whole life!  I’m so grateful […]

Obstacles into Opportunity by Laurie ...


Hello Everyone, This week I want to share a quick video about turning Obstacles into Opportunity…we ALL have things in life to overcome and I hope this inspires you to do just that. My amazing partner Chad Schapiro is the epitome of this, I have worked with him daily for almost 5 years now and […]

Pathway To Success by Chad Schapiro

Pathway to Success by Chad Schapiro

To a large extent, the reason the failure rate is so high in business is that we as a society are not prepared and not mentally conditioned to deal with the inevitable emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship. We are taught through education, training, college, other schooling and on the job training to become good employees. […]

Living Life Upstream is so much more ...


Hello Everyone, As I was walking my dogs on my favorite trail, I had to pull out the video to capture these thoughts. My business partner Chad Schapiro has done this his whole life. I have learned the value of why to do this more and more each and every year. I hope you enjoy. […]

Cast Vision Video by Chad Schapiro

Cast Vision Video by Chad Schapiro

  Chad Schapiro talks about the importance of casting an exciting vision in order to inspire and encourage others. If your vision is too small then that could be why no one is biting at the bait!

The Importance of Adapting and Overco...

The Importance of Adapting and Overcoming Video with Laurie Rubidge

Hello Everyone, This week I want to pull up a video about the power of adapting and overcoming until we reach our goals… many times we see people give up way too soon. It’s so sad….we need to get strong again like the past generations have been. Nobody is better at this than my partner […]