NLL 006: The Importance of Understand...

  Listen to The Importance of Understanding We Are All Different      Laurie Rubidge covers a subject that was such an “ahaa” subject for her when she learned this many years ago. Many of us have ran into situations where we meet someone and it just doesn’t click, as a matter of fact sometimes we can think&# [...]

No Pain, No Gain. Video with Chad Sch...

no pain photo
  First off I have to thank Laurie Rubidge for doing such an amazing blog post last Friday!! The importance of breaking down our goals into smaller steps is life changing. Often we’ve been taught these things but we don’t really always do them…or at least I don’t! We need to be reminded and I know I am so thankful [...]

Celebrate Success! 4 Steps To Help Yo...

celebrate success
    Many of us have had many goals in our lives; yet sometimes we forget to take a moment to celebrate the accomplishment or the steps along the way to accomplishing the goal.   Here’s some important reminders as we head down that journey. We need to remember change happens one step at a time and every movement towards that go [...]

NLL Podcast 005: Power In Commitment&...

NLL Podcast
  Listen to the Power In Commitment…Until Death Do Us Part.       Chad Schapiro covers a topic that is personal and up close after the passing of his Grandfather-in-law.  Learn how the power in commitment, not quitting, and sticking with it is not only important in our leadership development but also our home life as [...]

The Freak Out Barrier

The Freak Out Barrier
When you decide to change you are going to face some serious barriers.  This change that is before you is something you are not presently doing and out of your comfort zone.  You need to be ready to fight through it to the other side!  Most of these challenges are mental and all of these have been overcome by others on the way to their NEXT [...]

The Power of Affirmations

    Our life really can be emphasized by our thoughts.  I once read….”we are what we think we are”…… so the questions is…… What are we telling ourselves we are?  It’s so important to have positive affirmations we say out loud about every area of our lives.   Here’s some positive examples we [...]

NLL Podcast 004: The Importance of Be...

mr. williams
    Click Here to listen to the new podcast The Importance of Being Involved.    This week’s podcast subject was shifted in the last day due to a very sad situation that happened in the US; we lost a great comedian and actor this week… Mr. Robin Williams.   As I was feeling overwhelmed over this news, I saw something that [...]

7 Steps to Build Relationships &...

Build Relationships
  1.  Work harder on yourself than anything else and be patient.   One of the greatest concepts I’ve heard that bears repeating is, the leader of one is the leader of many, if you can’t lead one than you can’t lead many.  We have to continually grow our way to success understanding that each of us is a work in pr [...]

Is It Time To Reboot?

Time to reboot
    Hey everyone, Laurie Rubidge here, I am excited to talk to you about this subject today…all about learning in life to “reboot” when necessary. But before I do, I want to share with you one of the greatest masters and examples of being able to become better each and everyday is my amazing partner and Co-Founder [...]

NLL Podcast 003: 7 Leadership Keys Es...

NLL Podcast
    Listen to the new podcast 7 Leadership Keys Essential for Growth with host Chad Schapiro.  These 7 keys are essential for our growth as a leader and crucial to unlocking our fullest potential.     7 Leadership Keys: Let go of your ego. Be a good follower. Build positive relationships. Work with excellence. Rely on d [...]